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Engineer’s Corner Podcast #2: Why Minco

In this podcast Minco Product Managers Brian Williams, Chris Clark, Darrell Hyde, and Steve Romslo discuss Minco’s strengths and capabilities, not only covering our products but also talking about our history as a manufacturer of custom solutions in applications deemed too critical to fail.

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Advantages of Pads Only & Panel Plating Techniques

One of the primary decisions faced by our customers is whether to employ pads-only or panel plating when designing a flex circuit. You can see the two techniques in the image to theright: Figure A shows a 2-layer flex circuit with pads-only plating, whereas Figure B shows another circuit with panel plating.

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Let Minco Help with Your New Product Introduction

We’ve had theopportunity to build solutions for countless companies over the years, and we’ve earned their trust not only because of the quality of the components we manufacture, but also our robust and thoughtful New Product Introduction (NPI) process.

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SmartHeat Vs Arrows

Traditional etched-foil heaters require sensors to ensure the heater reaches its setpoint, and require a controller to manage the heater and maintain a fixed wattage. SmartHeat allows customers to skip this hardware because the patented polymer-based heater’s resistance is dynamic and increases with the temperature of the heater, automatically throttling power as it approaches the setpoint.

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Common Pitfalls When Specifying Flex Circuits

Minco has been building flex circuits for our customers for decades and we’ve encountered countless challenges along the way. Some of these pitfalls are encountered during the design process, others involve problems with documentation, and still others are mechanical issues with the design.

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