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From diagnostic labs to point-of-care clinic applications, Minco’s broad expertise across flexible circuit, thermal and sensing solutions enables hospitals and clinics to reduce equipment footprint size and improve patient outcomes through proactive innovation.
Our engineers leverage decades of experience working with medical imaging manufacturers to deliver highly reliable circuitry that improves outputs and minimizes errors during this critical first step for diagnoses and treatments for a variety of conditions.
As reimbursement continues to shift toward outcome-based care, effective minimally invasive procedures offer opportunities to minimize post-op recovery times. Minco specializes in efficient surgical applications — including surgical drill motor controls, IV deliver systems, respiratory humidifiers and more.
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From In Vivo to In Vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs), to surgical applications, to electronic implants – Minco flex circuits, heaters, sensors and control electronics prove themselves when accuracy, repeatability, reliability and compact size are vital.

Focused on your success

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are faced with increasing demands for:

  • Smaller and more portable diagnostic devices with  uncompromising accuracy.  
  • Devices with increased throughput and highly  complex interconnect requirements. 
To help OEMs meet these challenges, Minco relies  on state-of-the-art design technology and innovative  manufacturing techniques. Our unique capabilities  mean we can create solutions that meet your exacting performance requirements. 

A history of growing with medical OEMs

Medical breakthroughs are occurring faster than ever  before. That’s why leading OEMs rely on Minco’s more than 50 years of experience to sharpen their competitive edge. Minco is a direct supplier to the top cardiac device companies and serves as a Tier One supplier to over half of the leading medical IVD companies in the world. 

Flex Circuits for Medical Devices

Inductive Coils for Medical Devices

flex pcb for use in medical devices

High Density Interconnect Rigid-Flex allows designers to fold circuits in a 3-dimensional configuration to take advantage of the vertical space within a device. 

Minco’s precision flex circuit technology allows us to specialize in fine  lines, fine pitch, tight tolerances, small holes, lamination, and handling of fine diameter wire.

  • Flexible 3-dimensional packaging – Flex circuits offer unlimited freedom of packing geometry while retaining the precision, density and repeatability of printed circuits.
  • Compact and low mass – Reduce space and weight for optimal packaging and efficiency.
  • Improved reliability – Compliant flex circuit materials minimize stress at solder joints and reduce the number of connection interfaces.
medical device inductive coils


Wire telemetry coil is integrated into a flexible circuit to enable external communications for programming and serves as a secondary dielectric barrier.

  • Inductive coils enable communications telemetry and recharging in medical implants.
  • Flex-CoilsTM and their connections are typically encapsulated inside the laminated flex circuit body, making them less prone to breakage than discrete coils.  No matter the design challenges, Minco engineers bring best practices from hundreds of similar projects worldwide to help our partners plan and design the best solutions for their medical systems.

Flexible Heaters for Medical Equipment

medical device flexible heater tight hole to hole tolerance

Minco uses a proprietary trimming method for the thin, flexible 384-hole Heater to achieve a tight hole-to-hole tolerance. This allows for almost perfect registration to the microtiter plate.

Thin, flexible heaters consist of an etched-foil (ThermofoilTM) or wire-wound resistive element laminated between layers of insulation material such as polyimide, silicone rubber, mica, polyester or PTFE.

  • Superior thermal performance – Thermally efficient foil elements  transfer heat for greater accuracy, faster warm-up, and increased throughput.
  • Temperature uniformity – Heating elements can be profiled to offset variations in heat loss, ensuring a precise and consistent thermal  system which achieves maximum yield. 
  • Compact and low mass – Thin profile reduces heater space requirements to improve medical device portability while optimizing efficiency. 
  • Flexible geometry – A wide variety of shape, termination and sensor options offer countless design alternatives for any application.
  • Maximum reliability – Minco’s industry leading use of thin, high  temperature materials maximize heater capability and device reliability.
temperature sensors embedded in a volcanized thermofoil heater

The Thermofoil heater in an IV fluid warmer puts the heat where it’s needed, ensuring consistent and accurate media warming. Factory lamination provides a highly reliable, trouble-free heating solution.

Temperature Sensors for Medical Equipment

medical device temperature sensor embedded in a thermofoil heater

Averaging temperature sensors embedded in a vulcanized Thermofoil heater with profiled wattage distribution provide optimal surface area temperature control for maximum image resolution.

No matter the design challenges, Minco engineers bring best practices from hundreds of similar projects worldwide to help our partners plan and design the best solutions for their medical systems.

  •  Fast time response – Time constants as low as 0.10 second allow immediate situational analysis and efficient thermal control or  condition reporting.
  • Compact and low mass – Sensors can be packaged in small configurations for space savings.
  • Versatile geometry – Minco sensors can be custom designed and manufactured to fit any shape and simplify installation.
medical device thermal vial temperature sensing wire wound rtd

The Thermal VialTM Temperature Sensing System encompasses a wire-wound RTD element capable of -200°C operation to provide accurate measurement and docu-mentation of freezing, process and storage methodology. 


  • Polyimide Thermofoil heaters maintain the structure of the scanner at a constant temperature to eliminate expansion/contraction registration errors
  • Polyimide Thermofoil heaters rapidly introduce heat into the superconducting environment to provide emergency shutdown of the magnetic field, and their small leadwires minimize the thermal leakage from the cryogenic environment during normal operation.
  • Thermofoil heaters factory mounted to heat sinks and integrated with RTD temperature sensors process output from imaging systems onto dry silver film substrates for highly detailed hard copy used by doctors for analysis
  • High-density flex circuits offer highly reliable interconnect circuitry between imaging modules rotating within MRI and PET/CT scanning devices
  • Integrated flex circuit with control electronics links to the heater and sensor for a compact system package in point-of-care analyzers
  • Wire-wound resistance thermometers accurately average temperature across critical surfaces for precise control
  • Minco manufactures a combination  heater/sensor/controller/flex circuit and assembles the sample carrousel that maintains accurate fluid temperature in this floor standing analyzer.
  • Etched-foil heaters warm fluid samples and keep them at a constant temperature.
  • Thin and lightweight etched-foil heaters allow the robotics in analyzers to seamlessly move without slowing down
    transfer time.
  • Heater wraps entirely around pipettes for intimate coupling and tight temperature control.
  • Flex circuits within the motor controls of surgical drills used in bone surgeries allow for flexible configuration and space savings to keep the device compact and easy to handle.
  • Thermofoil heater in post-surgery respiratory device reliably warms and humidifies air, offering therapeutic value as well as improved patient comfort level.
  • All-Polyimide heater in this dental surgery instrument provides high watt density heating of polymer cones to fuse and seal the tooth during root canals. The component assembly integrates a surface mount LED, control switches, and an RTD temperature sensor
  • Thermofoil heaters in this IV fluid delivery system feature low mass and total surface coverage to meet the customer’s need for reliability and safety.
  • RTD temperature sensor maintains IV fluids at a consistent 37°C for patient comfort and prevention of thermal shock.
  • Temperature controllers and Thermofoil heaters operate from low voltage DC to eliminate current leakage for added patient safety.

Minco has custom products for use in several medical implant applications, including:  pacemakers, defibrillators (ICD), cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), heart assist/artificial heart (LVAD), neurological stimulation implants, hearing implants and infusion drug pumps.

  • Flex-Coils communicate from the external component to the internal component of a middle-ear or cochlear hearing device.
  • Rigid-flex motherboards provide signal processing in middle-ear and cochlear implants as well as external hearing aids.
  • Multi-layer flex circuits allow for the miniaturization of the motherboards for implantable neurostimulators in the brain.
  • Flex circuit inductive coil is used to recharge the power source.
  • Flex-Coils are wire-wound inductors that Minco integrates with flex circuits to enable magnetic flux telemetry communication in cardiac devices.
  • Flex-Coils combine telemetry coils with flexible or Rigid-Flex circuits including optional piezoelectric annunciators for audible alarms


If you and your engineering team are ready to take the next step and explore powerful design innovation, Minco engineers are ready. Our thermal, flex circuit and sensing experts can help your team find a better way — minimizing costs, while improving overall system performance.


A medical device company was looking to create a highly differentiated solution to quickly cauterize exit wounds in femoral arteries. Using existing technology, wounds caused by the removal of catheters during heart procedures were taking hours to heal. To speed up the cauterization process, Minco integrated a flex circuit with a heater and sensor to create a highly reliable device that was able to reach a target temperature of 100 degree Celsius in less than six minutes. The new configuration not only improves cauterization speed, but it also improves reliability by reducing the number of failure points.


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No matter the design challenges, Minco engineers bring best practices from hundreds of similar projects worldwide to help our partners plan and design the best solutions for their medical systems.


If you and your engineering team are ready to take the next step and explore powerful design innovation, Minco engineers are ready. Our thermal, flex circuit and sensing experts can help your team find a better way — minimizing costs, while improving overall system performance.


For more than 60 years, Minco has designed and manufactured heating, flex circuit, temperature sensing and instrumentation solutions for some of the world’s most demanding applications.


Address a specific design challenge or customize fully integrated solutions with Minco’s proven product lines.

Thermal performance for standard and custom use cases — from environment stabilization to faster thermal cycling.

Accurately sense and measure temperature, humidity and fluid levels across a wide range of applications.

Achieve new design freedom with flex circuit solutions that improve reliability in a condensed package size.

System-matched controllers complement Minco sensors and heaters to deliver improved system accuracy.

Leverage decades of engineering expertise to design integrated solutions that enhance performance and reduce cost.
Learn more about Minco’s approach to design innovation – and consider joining the team.