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New Temperature Sensors for use in Aerospace!


Aviation is one of the most demanding environments for technology.  Aircraft components must perform reliably under extreme conditions, from the high, icy altitudes of flight to the scorching heat generated by engines and equipment. To ensure the  reliability and safety of airborne equipment, the RTCA DO-160G standard is used. This comprehensive set of guidelines defines the environmental conditions and test procedures necessary to validate the performance of aerospace components. Minco, a leader in advanced sensor solutions, offers RTCA DO-160G qualified aerospace temperature sensors designed to exceed these stringent requirements.

aerospace temperature sensor

Understanding RTCA DO-160G

RTCA DO-160G is a critical standard in the aerospace industry. It covers a broad spectrum of environmental factors, including:

  • Temperature Extremes: Components must endure extreme heat and cold.
  • Vibration: Sustained exposure to vibration from aircraft engines and atmospheric turbulence.
  • Humidity: High moisture levels that can cause corrosion and electrical failures.
  • Water Resistance: Protection against water ingress, whether from rain or operational conditions.
  • Electromagnetic Interference: Resistance to electromagnetic fields that could disrupt electronic systems.
Compliance with RTCA DO-160G ensures that avionics and other aircraft systems are reliable and safe under operational conditions.

Minco's RTCA DO160G Qualified Aerospace Temperature Sensors

Minco’s aerospace temperature sensors, including the RTD Probe S239610 and the Thermistor Probe TS239620, are engineered to surpass the rigorous requirements of RTCA DO-160G. These sensors are designed for fast and reliable sensing in aircraft environmental systems and fluid temperature sensing applications.

Features of Minco’s RTD Probe S239610 and Thermistor Probe TS239620



RTD Probe S239610

Thermistor Probe TS239620


IEC60751 Class A, B Platinum

10,000 Ω ± 1% at 25°C

Temperature Range

-55 to 300°C, excursions to 500°C

-55 to 260°C, excursions to 300°C


AISI 304/304L

AISI 304/304L

Environmental Protection

Fully hermetic

Fully hermetic

Response Time

1 s in water (τ0.632 in 1 m/s)

0.95 s in water (τ0.632 in 1 m/s)




Additional Features

Robust to extreme conditions, customizable

Robust to extreme conditions, customizable

RTCA DO-160G Qualifications and Testing

Minco’s temperature sensors have undergone extensive testing to meet and exceed the qualifications outlined in RTCA DO-160G. Some of the key qualifications and additional tests include:

  • Temperature and Altitude: Withstand temperatures up to 300°C and altitudes typically encountered by commercial aircraft.
  • Vibration and Shock: Tested at levels beyond the standard to ensure robustness under severe conditions.
  • Waterproofness and Humidity: Fully hermetic designs ensure protection against water and moisture ingress.
  • Pressure Endurance: Proof and burst pressure tests at extreme conditions to ensure durability.
  • High and Low-Temperature Endurance: Sustained performance at both high and low temperatures.


Beyond RTCA DO-160G, these sensors have been tested for durability and longevity by additional, rigorous testing.  Minco’s aerospace sensors have been subjected to highly accelerated life testing (HALT), aggravated thermal cycling, and thousand of hours of high-temperature exposure that will ensure long-term reliability and performance.

Customizable Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Minco offers these temperature sensors with various element configurations and two physical configurations that are commonly used in commercial aircraft. Whether you need commercial off-the-shelf products or customized solutions tailored to specific requirements, Minco provides robust and reliable sensing solutions.

For more information, please find Minco’s Aerospace Temperature Sensors Datasheet.


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