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Expanded Certifications for Hazardous Area Temperature Sensor Assemblies

Hazardous area certifications have been developed to protect people and equipment from ignition of explosive gases, flammable liquids, and the less well-known combustible dusts (grain elevator explosions being one example). These risks are present in many applications; however, electrical equipment including motors, generators and pumps used in hazardous areas must be designed to prevent their becoming a source of ignition via sparking or an unacceptably hot surface temperature. Temperature sensors are one possible ignition source in this equipment which leads to certification requirements on the sensors.


Minco has simplified our certified temperature sensor assemblies for use in hazardous area applications by combining two product lines into a single tri-certified product line. The new AS9 product line is certified to the three most common certification systems: IECEx (world-wide), ATEX (Europe) and North America’s NEC/CSA (USA/Canada). Prior Minco versions, as well as many others on the market, had different products certified for these different regions. The tri-certified approach offers advantages for users as fewer inventory parts are required to meet all three requirements. This is increasingly useful to the user as many equipment companies now sell to many world areas, requiring hazardous area certifications in those different areas. Minco AS9 assemblies carry Explosionproof, Flameproof, Increased Safety, Intrinsic Safety and Dust-ignitionproof certifications – see details in our product brochure link below.


AS9 Hazardous Area Sensor Datasheet (


This product brochure also details extensive configuration options for these hazardous area assemblies. The base assemblies require a temperature probe, a probe holder (fitting) and a connection head – where the wiring connections are made between the Minco product and the user’s wiring/cabling as well as where optional 4-20mA or HART transmitters are located. There are various options for these initial components.  


The temperature probes are available with:

  • Several design types such as tip-sensitive, all stainless steel and mineral (MgO) insulated
  • Multiple sheath diameters
  • Various sensing elements including 100-ohm platinum, 1000-ohm platinum, copper and nickel RTDs as well as E, J, K or T thermocouple types

The probe holders are available as:

  • Spring-loaded holders (multiple options)
  • Welded (to probe casing)

Connection head body options include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder-coated aluminum

Additional options include:

  • Temperature transmitters
    • 4-20mA
    • Hart communication
    • Match calibration for increased accuracy
  • Nipple/union extensions
  • Thermowells
    • Straight, stepped or tapered protection tube
    • Threaded or flange process connection

Contact the Minco customer service at to place your order today.


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