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Interact with Minco at the Virtual PCB West Exhibition

Like other trade shows in the time of COVID-19, the PCB West exhibition will be different this year. We’ll be gathering virtually September 9-10 to showcase our latest flex circuit capabilities and technology advancements. Over the course of the past year, we’ve invested significantly in developing new capabilities for complex flex and rigid flex circuit designs. In fact, every year, we invest a significant portion of our gross profits into new equipment, ideas and offerings to help our customers across a variety of industries and applications. We didn’t want to miss an opportunity to share a sneak peek into what that means for our customers – through conversations, case studies and more.

The thing we’re most excited about? Live chat. During the PCB West event, visitors to our virtual booth will have direct access to Minco engineers through a live chat feature to discuss ways to improve outcomes in their specific product designs. Connecting directly with booth visitors (designers, engineers, fabricators, assemblers and suppliers) has always been the most valuable part of this event in the past – and this new virtual venue makes it possible for us to include an even wider variety of our designers and engineers “on call.” During these exchanges, attendees can learn how Minco’s latest capabilities in flex circuit technology are making even highly complex, multi-layered projects possible more than ever before. Our engineers would also love to dive right into a problem-solving conversation about a challenging project.

As supply chain disruptions, talent shortages and technology changes continue to challenge every industry, now is the right time for effective, innovative collaboration in the engineering process. During our chats at PCB West, Minco sales and engineering pros can share examples of how engaging in Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) collaboration early in the design process — and producing custom products that integrate sensors, heaters and flex circuits into a single component – can improve performance outcomes especially critical in a capital-conservation focused landscape. We’ve seen integrations consistently lead to reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), decreased component size, increased efficiency and improved performance for our customers.

Ready to learn how we can collaborate to achieve your product design vision? Interact with Minco in our virtual booth at PCB West, September 9-10, 2020.


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