Explore SmartHeat SLT™ Thin-Film Heaters at MD&M West

By Minco Staff

Minco will be demoing SmartHeat SLT™ heaters at MD&M West, North America’s biggest medical device technology trade show. MD&M features nearly 20,000 attendees and over 1,900 exhibitors. It’s a premiere gathering of industry professionals sharing their latest products and technologies and it is the perfect venue to show off this unique product.

SmartHeat SLT heaters offer a convenient alternative to traditional heating and temperature control devices in Medical applications, providing self-limiting control at prescribed temperatures as well as self-tuning capability in dynamic environments. Utilizing a patented polymer compound, SmartHeat SLT heaters pinpoint exactly when and where heat is required, without the use of traditional feedback loops and regulating electronics. SmartHeat’s control mechanism is inherent to the polymer inner-lay material at every point across the heater’s surface. At the specified temperature control point, the resistance increases exponentially to prevent overheating and promote thermal uniformity. This simplifies the end-use device’s design, condenses the product design and development cycle, and reduces total system cost.

Visit Minco at Booth 2825 to learn how we can put our engineering expertise to use for you. Our broad array of specialties allows us to create economical Integrated Solutions that combine sensors, heaters, and flex circuits, minimizing installation costs and reducing rework for a lower bottom line.

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