Minco Offering Expanded Line of SmartHeat SLT™ Heaters

By John Baichtalsmartheat_slt_heater

Minco’s SmartHeat SLT™ heaters are one of the most exciting innovations in thermal management available today. SmartHeat is self-limiting, meaning it maintains a setpoint with no sensor or controller needed, using a unique polymer innerlay to regulate the temperature. Heating power is applied and modulated at infinite points across the entire heating surface based on the heat load. As the temperature approaches the setpoint, resistance increases in the polymer, throttling the power so that the temperature never exceeds the designed setpoint. This implicit control system protects the heater, heat sink, and application peripherals.

We are happy to announce that Minco has doubled the standard SmartHeat models available on Minco Components. Currently we sell 12 heaters on the site, all operating between 40-60°C. We are now introducing another set of 12 heaters operating at a cooler set point between 20-40°C. These new heaters feature the same nominal voltage – 12, 48, or 120V – regardless of size or temperature range.

It’s now easier than ever to prototype a thermal management solution that will simplify device design and reduce the product launch cycle. Visit Minco Components to select the perfect SmartHeat SLT heater for your application, or contact Minco today to talk about a custom solution.

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