Learn More About Minco’s Flex Capabilities

By John Baichtal

Minco’s Design Guide can be a lot of information, but it can also overwhelm someone who just wants to look up a specification or two. In the case of our Flex Circuit Technology Overview, we’ve distilled some key points and stats into a four-page PDF. This convenient guide describes our capabilities in designing and manufacturing single, double, and multi-layer circuits as well as our expertise in Rigid-Flex circuits and specialized configurations like High-Density Interconnects as well as incorporating etched coils into our circuits.

We also supply our general capabilities with regards to the physical properties of our circuits – widths, diameters, tolerances – as well as specifications for the materials we use, our plating methods, and the typical electrical characteristics of the flex circuits we manufacture.

To learn more about Minco’s flex capabilities, visit our Product Guides folder and download either the four-page Flex Circuit Technology Overview or the full-sized Design Guide.

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