As markets trend toward miniaturization, customers rely on Minco’s broad Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) design capabilities when flexibility is required for tight, small spaces. Our flex circuits offer the same advantages of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) including repeatability, reliability and high density but with the added twist of flexibility and vibration resistance.

Manufacturers use flex circuits for their superior reliability and ability to condense their electronic package size. A flex circuit offers a customizable and repeatable routing path in a thin package. The materials used are robust enough to withstand high vibration, resist abrasion, and endure thousands to millions of flexing cycles.

Perhaps the most important attribute customers prefer in choosing flex circuit technology is the capability of the flex circuit to assume three-dimensional configurations: they can be shaped to fit where no other design can and offer unlimited freedom of packaging geometry while retaining density and repeatability of printed circuits.


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Because flex circuits are manufactured from thin, high dielectric constant materials, and the copper traces from a photo etching process, consistency and light weight are the result - giving you improved system reliability and signal integrity.

  • Repeatable wire routing: Eliminate wire routing errors; reducing test time, rework, and rejects.
  • Robust connections: Flat foil conductors dissipate heat better, carrying more current than round wires of the same cross-sectional area. Conductor patterns in a flex circuit maintain uniform electrical characteristics. Noise, crosstalk, and impedance can be predicted and controlled.
  • Vibration resistance: Recurring costs are lower than many wire harnesses, and since a flex circuit is more resistant to shock and vibrations than a PCB, repair and replacement costs are less.
  • Repeatable installation: A flex circuit offers a customized repeatable routing path within your assembly. This gives you dependability where you need it. The longevity of a flex circuit can reduce service calls.

Harsh environments are no problem for flex: Standard practice for flex boards is to cover the conductors with polyimide. This dielectric layer protects your circuits far beyond the capability of simple soldermask. Other base and cover materials are available for a broad range of ambient conditions

Flex circuits can be shaped to fit where no other design can. They are a hybrid of ordinary printed circuit boards and round wire, exhibiting benefits of each. In essence, flex circuits give you unlimited freedom of packaging geometry while retaining the precision density and repeatability of printed circuits.

  • Space and weight reduction: A single flex circuit can replace several hardboards, cables, and connectors.
  • More components per square inch: By using flex and rigid flex, you can eliminate connectors and have more space for components, or reduce the total volume of your electronics package
  • Fast assembly: Flex circuits eliminate the need to color code and wrap bundles of wire, reducing the chance of assembly rejects and in-service failures. Total installed costs are lower, especially with volume production.
  • Versatile shape: The most important attribute compelling designers to adopt flex circuit technology is the capability of the flex circuit to assume three-dimensional configurations.
  • Component mounting: Surface mount component mounting on flex is achievable using selectively bonded stiffeners where required.


  • ISO9001:2008
  • AS9100C certified
  • Nadcap accredited
  • ITAR registered
  • IPC-6013 Class lll Product
  • IPC J-STD Certified
  • IPC CID Certified CAD

Why Choose Minco

For nearly 60 years Minco has provided flex circuits for advanced medical, aerospace, defense and other demanding applications. We deliver comprehensive solutions, partnering with you at every step of your product cycle.

We’ll work with you to understand your product vision, requirements and timeline. We know how to compress schedules without sacrificing reliability or performance. The result is a complete solution that ensures your product vision.

To ensure you meet your time-line we encourage you to utilize Minco’s expertise as an extension of your engineering team and enjoy defect free product deliveries from first build through production.

A consultation with Minco’s Application Engineers can often help you avoid cost at the design stage and enhance reliability. Some examples where we have assisted customers are:

  • Increase product life: For an aerospace customer we worked with them to switch from a multi-layer circuit design to a rigid-flex construction to increase product life.
  • Cost avoidance: For a medical customer offering surgical equipment, cost was a major factor. Because Minco took the time to understand the application and need, we were able to offer a different approach then was designed and saved the customer more than 60% of the circuit cost. How? By understanding their need and offering a different concept – together we were able to use a flex to jumper 2 hardboards when the original design called for a complex rigid flex.

We encourage you to contact Minco and share with us your intended use.

Unlike most manufacturers who provide you only a price and lead-time when they quote leaving you to deal with print related issues after you issue the order - Minco provides you with a full Design for Manufacturability review up front, at the first quote. When you engage with Minco, you get:

  • Team-based product launch approach
  • Initial upfront design and manufacturability analysis performed at the quote stage (DRC/ DFM)
  • Comprehensive, proactive design and process risk analysis to ensure robustness (DFMEA/PFMEA) and minimize delays
  • Production quality parts at the prototype stage
  • Quick turn options at every stage in the product cycle
  • Understanding of the human life dependent demands in the medical, aerospace and defense markets

Another way Minco can be an extension of your engineering is by creating the design for you. You provide the mechanical configuration and schematic and let Minco do the rest. You are involved in final review and the final design is sent to you as part of the design fee.

Defect-free, on-time production starts early on in the design phase. Comprehensive product design, coupled with robust production process, is critical to ensuring solid, predictable execution.

  • Statistically validated production processes using DOE methodology to reduce variation
  • Quality systems that support high reliability applications
  • Active supply chain management to address demand fluctuations and cost targets
  • Lean principles implemented throughout the manufacturing and business processes


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