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Minco Heaters Granted ESA Approval for Scope Extension


Minneapolis, April 2020—Minco Products, Inc., a global provider of thermal solutions, flex circuits, and temperature sensing and control solutions, announces an expanded line of ESA-qualified heaters.

Minco Products, Inc. is the only company worldwide being able to offer both NASA and ESA-qualified flight heaters. The thermal solutions business unit has been providing Minco customers with NASA space flight heaters for decades. Minco heaters were also added to the ESA QPL (Qualified Part List) in 2013 and the company has been involved since in major ESA programs such as MTG (Meteosat Third Generation), JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, ORION MPCV (Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle) and many more.

Since 2013, Minco SA (our regional manufacturing site based in France) has manufactured ESA-qualified heaters with resistance density up to 70 Ohms/cm². It enabled to support Minco customers in their heating applications for all types of missions including Telecommunication, Earth observation and Solar System exploration. Telecommunication market has evolved recently towards higher bus voltages for large communication satellites, creating a need for higher resistance densities heaters.

Minco SA has worked in collaboration with ESA (European Space agency) and CNES (French Space agency) to extend the qualified resistance density scope for Minco heaters.

The space team is pleased to announce that the company is now granted approval to manufacture ESA-qualified polyimide-WA heaters rated for up to 400 Ω/cm² and ESA-qualified polyimide-FEP heaters rated for up to 250 Ω/cm². This wider range of heater models will help the company addressing all space challenges.

About Minco – Minco delivers comprehensive engineered solutions for oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, medical, defense, and other high-reliability applications. The company couples advanced product technologies, expert design and engineering services, and a clear understanding of customer requirements to provide unmatched quality, reliability, and performance in thousands of applications worldwide. Minco has more than 40 years’ experience performing thermal simulation and lab testing in industries and applications where reliability and safety is critical.

About the ESA – The European Space Agency was founded in 1975 to participate in human spaceflight, Earth observation and communication, and exploratory missions around the Solar System.

About CNES – The National Centre for Space studies (CNES) is the French government space agency. CNES was created in 1961 and they have five areas of expertise: access to space, civil applications of space, sustainable development, science and technology research, security and defense


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