Minco Update on Coronavirus Pandemic – March 17, 2020

Minneapolis, March 17, 2020–With the growing number of Coronavirus 2019-nCoV cases around the world, this information is in response to the increasing number of queries received from our customers and business partners.

Minco has implemented its business continuity plan which includes enacting:
  1. Supplier risk assessment of Covid-19 cases
  2. Supply chain disruption monitoring and multi-sourcing alternatives
  3. Customer response program

To date, no cases of Covid-19 have been brought to the attention of Minco Products.  We will however continue to vigorously monitor our supplier base and will communicate any updates received.   

Minco has implemented a “social distancing policy” which includes:
  1. All personnel are restricted from business travel at this time
  2. All travel for personal reasons to Covid-19 impacted areas or people who have been in contact with Covid-19 affected persons are being required to self-quarantine for 14 days or longer, if needed 
  3. All large meetings are being held through Skype or other channels that do not involve close contact.  Small meeting events are discouraged or being conducted in large meeting spaces where participants will remain 6 or more feet apart from one another

To date, no Minco Product employee has tested positive for Covid-19.  We will continue to monitor our employee’s and will alert our customers and business partners if anything changes.

In addition to the measures noted above, Minco has enacted the following strategies to mitigate the risk of the spread of the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Pandemic:
  1. Additional cleaning personnel with increased cleaning efforts in commons areas, lobbies, and high-traffic areas within the organization
  2. Additional training of staff in the areas of personal health and hygiene 
  3. Employees with the capability of working from home, have been asked to do so

Our operational status has not changed, and we continue to work at normal capacity.  Based on the information received from our supplier base, we anticipate minimal impact on Minco’s production.  However, this issue is evolving daily and there remains uncertainty whether the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Pandemic will impact Minco and its supply chain in the future.  We will immediately notify our customers and business partners should anything change. 

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Minco at or please visit our website for current updates at

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