Minco Announcement on Coronavirus Epidemic

Minneapolis, February 2020—Minco is a global company with offices in the U.S., Asia and Europe. As such, our supply chain sources material globally.

As a result of the coronavirus 2019-nCoV Epidemic, the Chinese government has ordered most business operations to remain closed until February 10, 2020. After which most factories are expected to resume production based on current central and provincial government policies. Minco is currently expecting the impacted material suppliers to resume operations at that time. However, there is concern that the overall China manufacturing sector may not return to peak efficiency for a few weeks longer.

Minco is working closely with our supply chain partners to understand the scope or extent of impact to deliveries. Minco is also working on contingencies to best meet our customer needs.

For any questions regarding this matter, please contact Minco at or please visit our website for current updates at

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