Minco’s 2020 Intern Video

By Matt Hines

This year, Minco decided to not only continue our internship program, but expand it as well. Every intern has a pivotal part in their department, having a hands-on experience that helps our business processes.

Every year the interns put together a fun, informative video showing the working environment as well as detailing the program from an intern point of view.

This year the intern team decided to go with a Full House theme, where each intern has a chance to do a short clip of an activity. On top of each individual clips, a few interns go in depth explain how the internship has prepared them, what they like most about the internship, what they learned the most from the experience and lastly what tips they would suggest for our future interns.

If you are a student interested in a 2021 internship or are just looking for a career change, check out our careers page to learn more about the company and to peruse our openings.

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