Minco’s Thermal Solutions Design Guide Updated for 2019

By John Baichtal

Minco’s Thermal Solutions business unit serves critical Medical, Military, and Aerospace customers, building components for systems too critical to be allowed to fail. We are proud of being called on to supply satellites, military aircraft, and medical analyzers with products accurate and predictable enough to serve these life-dependent applications.

When planning an upcoming project that is likely to include a thermal component, the best first step is to download Minco’s Thermal Solutions Design Guide, the perfect resource for specifying and selecting a heater.

The first section of the Guide helps readers select which heater technology best fits the project’s needs. For instance, which temperature range will the project operate within? What installation method will be required? What heater insulations best fit the project’s applications? Keeping this in mind will help determine which product would best fit.

The next section covers Minco’s selection of heater products, ranging from our Thermofoil™ etched-foil heaters to All-Polyimide, Silicone-Rubber, and Mica heaters, as well as a couple of our specialty products. Thermal-Clear™ transparent heaters keep screens and windows free of ice and snow while not inhibiting visibility. We also offer a unique self-limiting heater, SmartHeat SLT™. This product needs no controller and automatically reduces power as the heater reaches its setpoint, making overheating impossible. The section includes specifications and options for all the heaters we typically offer.

The catalog finishes out with an array of resources helpful to making your heater selection, including a selection of sensors and controllers for managing a thermal system, FAQs, and a complete Minco Thermal Solutions glossary. Finally, each product entry includes an index of heaters and accessories, available from our online store for immediate shipment for testing and evaluation purposes.

Download your Thermal Solutions Design Guide today.

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