Minco Announces Tri-Certified Miniature Temperature Sensors for Hazardous Area Applications

By Darrell Hyde

Minco’s new line of miniature bearing embedment temperature sensors are tri-certified to increased safety and intrinsically safe requirements for IECEx, ATEX and North America (CSA USA and CSA Canada). This allows users to have world-wide certification acceptance and to cover multiple certification requirements with one sensor product. This can be very useful when additional end-user certification requirements do not become known until after the sensors are delivered and installed.

For a detailed breakdown of the certifications, click the link below.

In addition to the sensors themselves, Minco offers a variety of accessories and options that give our customers the best options for customization:

  • Miniature bearing embedment sensors are installed in or beneath the babbitt layer of bearing shoes. Five case styles/sizes allow different methods of installing the sensors to meet a wide range of bearing temperature sensing applications.
  • While 100-ohm platinum RTDs are the most popular, a variety of sensing element options are available including multiple RTD and thermocouple choices. The sensors monitor metal temperature which is the most reliable indicator of bearing condition and provide early warning of oil film breakdown and provide warning to shutdown machines before costly failure occurs.
  • In many applications, oil leakage or wicking can occur along the lead wires and through the machine housing’s access hole. Two methods of preventing this can be configured in the temperature sensor part number. Both methods allow fluid-seal fittings to stop oil from flowing past the wall of the machine housing. The first method is installation/potting of a stainless-steel feedthrough tube on the lead wire where the lead wire will pass through the housing wall.  The second is the use of elastomer filled sensor cable which allows the placement of the fluid-seal fitting anywhere along the length of the cabling. 
  • Additional options including spring mounting of the sensor case and calibration data are also available.

Download the S7/TC7 sell sheet to learn more about this product. Or to order, click on SHOP ONLINE above.

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