Innovate for Medical Applications by Integrating Components

By Minco Staff

In the heavily regulated medical field with lives at stake, device development is always challenging. Medical devices can operate in laboratory settings or inside the human body; they serve in applications from diagnostics to imaging to surgery. But regardless of their location or function, they have to be accurate, reliable, and compliant with regulations. Those stringent requirements don’t just affect the selection of individual components; they demand precision and reliability of the devices in which they operate as a functioning whole.

Finding suitable electrical components is just the first step. Integrating them into a reliable, cost-effective medical product is the ultimate challenge.  Minco works with medical product developers to do just that. Advanced heating solutions like our Thermofoil™ and SmartHeat SLT™ heaters keep laboratory, imaging, and surgical devices at steady temperatures for safe, stable operation. Our sensor products, including humidity sensors, temperature sensors—RTD, thermocouple, and thermistor sensors including new TS22545 thermistor bolt sensors—save space, simplify installation, and react quickly to report and control temperatures and ensure patient safety.  Our flex circuits save space and give designers unprecedented freedom in configuring products in three dimensions while flex coils enable data communication and inductive charging. And our vast portfolio of termination methods and options pull all those functions together, reducing the amount of front-end assembly and simplifying installation.

Minco Diagnostics

The sample carousel in this floor standing analyzer includes a unique combination of a heater, sensor, and controller to maintain accurate fluid temperature.

Minco Diagnostics

This compact countertop analyzer integrates custom designed flex circuits with a heater and sensor to minimize space.

Integration of components is one of the biggest challenges in medical device development. How will components physically fit together in today’s compact devices? How will they interact? How will placement and modification of one impact the others? And how will they be supported both during and after development? Those responsibilities can weigh heavily on product developers. Fortunately, these responsibilities can be lightened through the assistance of Minco engineers, either in component selection and implementation or in custom manufacturing of components into integrated packages. Either way, sourcing of multiple components from one expert provider will simplify the supply chain, ensure accountability, reinforce teamwork, and help speed products to market.

As provider and integrator of a wide range of components, Minco can be an invaluable resource in developing innovative products. Minco experts don’t just deliver products; we engineer solutions. Contact us today!

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