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Thermal-ClearTM Transparent Heaters

Featuring a micro-thin wire heating element, Thermal-Clear heaters provide an accurate, reliable heat source without blocking light for use in high visibility use cases—such as cockpit displays, portable radios, vehicular computers and defogging windows, among other applications.

Minco Thermo-Clear transparent flexible heater


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For more than 60 years, Minco has designed and manufactured heating, flex circuit, temperature sensing and instrumentation solutions for some of the world’s most demanding applications.


Address a specific design challenge or customize fully integrated solutions with Minco’s proven product lines.

Thermal performance for standard and custom use cases — from environment stabilization to faster thermal cycling.

Accurately sense and measure temperature, humidity and fluid levels across a wide range of applications.

Achieve new design freedom with flex circuit solutions that improve reliability in a condensed package size.

System-matched controllers complement Minco sensors and heaters to deliver improved system accuracy.

Leverage decades of engineering expertise to design integrated solutions that enhance performance and reduce cost.
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