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Minco polyamide flexible thermal heater

In volatile thermal environments — like deep outer space — you can’t afford to have critical systems fail. It’s in these cannot-fail situations where our proven design expertise shines through best. From powerful heaters designed to prevent satellites from freezing billions of miles from Earth, to precise temperature control in medical devices, our team has the experience to bring your design ideas to life. Minco flexible heaters can introduce new design versatility to creatively solve a variety of thermal management challenges — from more consistent environment stabilization to faster thermal cycling.


A flexible heater is a thin electrically resistive core laminated between layers of flexible insulation.  Flexible heaters can be designed with custom shapes to be installed exactly where a surface needs heating.  The design of the heaters can  be further custom profiled to put more heat in areas where heat loss is greatest. 


Minco flexible heaters are technologically divided by the type of resistive core: Thermofoil™ heaters with etched-foil heating elements, Thermal-Clear heaters with wire heating elements or SmartHeat SLT™ thin-film heaters with a carbon-silicone matrix for heating.  A Thermofoil heater is a flexible heater consisting of an etched-foil resistive heating element laminated between layers of flexible insulation.   The heaters can be designed with custom shapes to be placed or bonded exactly where a surface needs to be heated.  Multiple options are available for integration of sensors and other electrical components.

Thermofoil heaters can operate in a wide range of environments and temperatures by using an appropriate electrical insulation in the product construction.  Standard insulations include silicone rubber, polyimide, PTFE, and mica.

A Thermal-Clear heater is a flexible heater consisting of patterned micro-thin wire resistive heating element laminated between optically clear adhesive and polyester insulation.  The construction of the Thermal-Clear heater allows for heating to be applied to surface while still allowing light to pass through.  Custom shapes, wire sensing elements, and profiled heating patterns are available.

A SmartHeat SLT™ thin-film heater is flexible heater consisting of a self-limiting carbon-silicone heating matrix with etched-foil copper conductors laminated between polyimide insulation.  The patented polymer core is temperature self-limiting which allows for operation at a designed uniform temperature without the need for external sensors or controllers. Custom shape options are available.


  • Precise heating: Put the heat where you need it.  The thin construction provides close coupling between the heater element and the heat sink.  Profiled heating can be used to put high-density power in areas where heat loss is greater.
  • Faster warmup and longer life:  Flexible heaters are designed to put the heating element as close to the surface to be heated as possible.  This allows the heating element to operate at lower temperature compared to other technologies; allowing for longer operational life.
  • Space and weight savings.  Flexible heaters are constructed with thin materials which delivers heat where it is needed while minimizing size and weight.
  • Custom tailored shapes to put heat where it is needed and reduce costs by optimizing for the required size and design to do the job.
  • In-house integration with sensor, controller, flexible-circuits, and other electrical components.  Total assembly cost saving and optimal performance in a heating system can be achieved by Minco integrating components with a flexible heater.
  • Complete assembly integration:  cost and performance targets can be achieved by taking advantage of Minco’s expertise in factory lamination and installation of heaters on to mating heat sinks.

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We offer a wide range of standard thermal solution parts for fast delivery in addition to engineered custom parts for any application.

Already know your desired temp range, max size or max resistance density?

Our quick-reference heater selection chart can help you settle on the materials best for your application.





For more than 60 years, Minco has helped engineering teams design and build the mission critical devices that power high reliability industries. We know what it takes to get the job done — on time and on budget.


No matter the challenge, Minco engineers bring best practices from hundreds of similar engagements worldwide to help our customers plan, design and integrate the best solutions for their programs.



Ready to take the next step and explore powerful design innovation? Minco engineers are ready. Our thermal, flex circuit and sensing experts can help your team find a better way — minimizing costs, while improving overall system performance.


For more than 60 years, Minco has designed and manufactured heating, flex circuit, temperature sensing and instrumentation solutions for some of the world’s most demanding applications.


Address a specific design challenge or customize fully integrated solutions with Minco’s proven product lines.

Thermal performance for standard and custom use cases — from environment stabilization to faster thermal cycling.

Accurately sense and measure temperature, humidity and fluid levels across a wide range of applications.

Achieve new design freedom with flex circuit solutions that improve reliability in a condensed package size.

System-matched controllers complement Minco sensors and heaters to deliver improved system accuracy.

Leverage decades of engineering expertise to design integrated solutions that enhance performance and reduce cost.
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