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Calculate heater resistance values at different temperatures.

ENTER Heater information
Heater model:
Element type: Nickel Iron- Available in HK (Kapton) and H (Thermal-Clear) models; not available in HR (Silicone Rubber).
Nickel - Available in HK (Kapton), H (Thermal-Clear) and HR (Silicone Rubber) models. See Heater Calc to determine resistance for HK and HR foil heaters.
Copper - Only available in H (Thermal-Clear) models 
(from catalog)
ohms at °C
Effective area: sq in
Resistance tolerance: ±%

ENTER Application information
Supply voltage: VDC
Control temperature: °C

CT198 Part Number:  Return to automatic selection
Heater resistance: ohms at °C 
ohms at 0°C (make complete R/T tables in RTD Calc)
Watts: watts
Watt density: watts/sq in
Current: amps
Range of setpoint pot: °C to °C 

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