Process Monitors/Alarms

Monitoring the temperature of critical products, processes, or equipment can ensure the highest quality, optimize your output, and provide safe operation. Process monitoring is critical in every industry, ranging from cold storage monitoring of laboratory materials to over-temperature protection on bearings in rotating equipment.

Acquiring temperature measurement data can provide valuable process trend information for analysis and optimization or recall the data for validation a process completed correctly.  Minco specializes in optimizing data acquisition features for high speed sampling rates in excess of 1,000 per second and signal filtering to evaluate and remove noise that may skew measurement results. Data acquisition modules may also be scaled and customized for unique application needs, such as multi-channel configuration. Minco has developed custom data acquisition units that accept 32 high speed inputs and configured for series integration of modules that can scale for as many inputs as the application may require.

Data acquisition functionality can be integrated into custom control and sensing solutions. Minco provides software to allow users to update system settings and view data. We also work with our customers engineering team to design products that may interface and communicate directly with their existing control system.

Process Data Controller Data Acqusition High Speed

Ideal for ultralow freezers, laboratories, blood banks, walk-in freezers, even incubators – anywhere accurate sensing of the contents instead of the air is a vital concern.  Sealing the temperature sensor in a Polyethylene Thermal VialTM eliminates spillage and contamination.  The container can be filled with any fluid such as Ethylene glycol, alcohol, water, or cryopreservative to accurately emulate the material being stored or processed.

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Alarms: Minco Alarms are designed to monitor and protect electric machinery such as motors, generators, transformers, pumps and other equipment. Trust these microprocessor-based designs to maintain accuracy over a wide range of temperatures and to conduct regular self-checks to ensure correct operation.12 channel

  • 12-Channel Monitor is completely programmable to safeguard and data log motors and expensive machinery.
  • 3-Channel Monitor is completely programmable for dry-type transformers, pumps and compressors.

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