Minco offers a variety of standard, industrial, and customized indicator displays suitable for hazardous areas, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and other needs where local display is important. Local indication of process variables is utilized where conventional visual verification is required.

Loop-powered indicators are the epitome of efficiency -- using a 4-20mA signal to define the displayed process variable and power the internal electronics -- no separate power lines are required. Minco's loop-powered indicators are field adjustable via course adjust DIP switches and fine adjust trimmer pots.

  • Washdown indicators have a compatible digital readout for local indication of temperature. This design provides high accuracy and reliability in a compact 2.5” x 4.5” NEMA 4X Polycarbonate case. The 4 to 20 milliamp DC signal is displayed in the corresponding temperature in °C or °F.
    Indicator Remote
  • Explosionproof indicators are safely enclosed in an epoxy-coated aluminum housing rated to IP66/NEMA 4x. The enclosure is sealed from harsh environments to enhance product reliability and longevity.

For more information about these indicators, please see our catalog.


Handheld Indicators

Hand held digital thermometers are designed for accurate temperature measurement in the laboratory or field. High accuracy, normally found only in expensive bench instruments, is achieved when the meter is match-calibrated with a variety of Minco’s sensors.

Minco’s TI242 Thermometer, seen below, offers industry-leading features:

·         Sunlight-readable display

·         Ergonomically-optimized configuration

·         Compatible with Platinum RTDs and Thermocouples, with dual input functionality

·         Advanced data acquisition and datalogging capabilities include the ability to view logged data on the TI242 as well as wireless download of sensor readings to an iPhone

·         Logged data can be downloaded via cable to a PC for analysis