Minco custom designs heaters for the telecom industry from cabinets and enclosure heating, to fusion splicer heating needs. Minco knows the business and the challenges and is committed to developing new technologies to meet your heating requirements while lowering energy consumption. Our Application Engineers and R&D team constantly work to innovate solutions to deliver greater value.

Communication of information using electronic systems can be found in just about any industry and to stay competitive, the telecomm sector remains focused on innovation, improved connectivity, and disruption. Whether your challenge is to improve the transmission of information, establish an interface between sender and receiver, control the flow of information, or any telecommunication function, Minco’s engineers have the experience and knowledge to improve reliability and accuracy, increase agility, and reduce costs associated with your system.

Minco has designed and manufactured flexible heaters, circuits, and sensors and instruments that help telecomm products perform at superior levels. You can find Minco components in a host of telecomm related systems such as satellites, building automation, data transfer, communication software and more.

Minco is a leader in supporting the telecommunications industry offering flexible heaters, temperature sensors, instruments, flexible circuits and integrated solutions for a variety of applications. Contact us to find out why our vast industry experience can be leveraged to make your application a success. Minco offers commercial-off-the-shelf standard products to meet your immediate needs. We also provide custom integrated products to meet your unique application specifications and requirements.

Talk engineer-to-engineer about designing and manufacturing:

  • Heating, sensing and controlling solutions for switching applications
  • Temperature sensing for optical waveguide grating devices
  • Custom interconnect circuitry for fiber optic multiplexers
  • Compact integrated solution with stable control for signal amplification

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