Minco is an expert in thermal simulation and designing integrated solutions for the semiconductor industry. Integrated, reliable and uniform heating and cooling are critical factors in both front and back end processing. Minco's flexible heater technology and expertise helps you achieve your thermal goals as the industry requires more precise thermal control in a cost effective and space efficient package size.

  • Improve processing yields by providing superior edge-to-edge temperature uniformity utilizing multi-zone and varying watts per sq. cm
  • Increase the tool’s throughput & productivity by incorporating low mass heatsinks that translate to the fastest possible warm-up and response to temperature change.
  • Provide long lasting life and performance reliability through the use of Minco’s proprietary factory heater-to-heatsink lamination skills
  • Are turnkey customized solutions that drop in the tool to reduce any internal labor and supply chain management costs

Custom Approach

Many applications requiring a more unique approach, Minco will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a custom approach based on our experience and broad product technology portfolio.

With the proliferation of Smart devices, 3D chips and sub-16nm process technology semiconductor companies are under pressure to produce quality parts at ever lower prices. Minco’s expertise in thermal design for semiconductor components is second to none. Our knowledge and experience using flexible heater technology is extensive. Heat is an essential factor in processing and testing semiconductors. A high level of available heat allows faster throughput. Reduction of temperature gradients across a heater means less variability across a wafer and thus higher yields which means the heater is less prone to failure which cuts the risk of downtime.

Put this all together and you receive a highly engineered solution integrating heating, cooling, sensing and control that provides you with higher semiconductor productivity at lower costs. You will find Minco designs in semiconductor applications for plasma etch systems, probing stations, IC test handling equipment, photoresist tracing systems, and more.

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