Commercial Aircraft

Our commercial aircraft experience is extensive. We pioneered the development of Thermofoil™ Heaters, now a standard component in modern instrumentation, and our engineering solutions have included higher performing engines, better hydraulics, enhanced cabin heating, reliable fluid pump systems, improved air data and innovative alternatives for traditional wire-harnesses. You will find our designs in a range of avionic systems including onboard electronics and optics, aircraft de-icing, battery heaters, commercial and business jet applications, and Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Minco often hears the need for “lighter, faster and smaller” from our aerospace industry customers. We are able to meet these needs by leveraging our decades of design experience and proprietary manufacturing capabilities. The end result is a solution suited to meet your application’s required temperature range, mounting needs, and space and weight restrictions.

Challenge: Ice and moisture build up on aircraft windshields, display screens, cameras and laser range finders

Solution: Proprietary ThermalClear™ heaters prevent glass from icing up at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Challenge: Engine monitoring in small, rugged, high temperature space

Solution: Ceramic resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) monitor inlet and outlet exhaust temperature in custom packaging to withstand high vibration.

Challenge: Prevention of ice buildup on aircraft total air temperature probes

Solution: High current temperature Kapton heater de-ices sensors to maintain consistent air temperature flow.

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