For more over 60 years, Minco has been designing and manufacturing advanced products for some of the world’s most demanding applications. Our customers come from a variety of industries, from around the world, each with a unique set of needs and expectations. We stand behind our products with a dedication to quality, reliability and performance. Our expertise and experience enables us to meet the critical requirements expected of us.


Minco custom designs highly exact components to maintain accurate performance for aerospace industry customers’ satellite and commercial aircraft needs.

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Minco helps defense industry customers improve military missions with smart component designs that offer rugged, secure reliability and that save space and weight.

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Minco has been a leader in the Electronics market for over 25 years. We understand the diverse and demanding requirements of our Electronics customers and are a full service provider and can work with your team to provide solutions unique to your requirements.

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Industrial & Commercial

For nearly 60 years, Minco has been a leader in many industrial and commercial applications ranging from high voltage induction motors to forced air HVAC systems. In a unified effort to reduce the global carbon footprint, companies around the world are striving to achieve better performance and high

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From In Vivo and In Vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs) to surgical applications, Minco is a tier I supplier providing flexible circuit, thermal, sensing and control solutions for the Fortune 100 top Medical OEM’s globally for over 60 years. Minco’s solutions prove themselves when accuracy,

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