Custom Solutions

MincoMinco delivers comprehensive thermal, temperature sensing and control, and flex circuit solutions for medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, power generation and other high-reliability applications. The company couples advanced product technologies, expert design and engineering services, and a clear understanding of customer requirements to provide unmatched quality, reliability and performance in thousands of applications worldwide.

Comprehensive Design and Engineering Services

Minco has developed a disciplined approach for up front engineering engagement. Minco's early involvement in the design cycle reduces risk, minimizes cost and increases reliability for the customer. The result is a complete solution that ensures the customers product vision.

Minco's strength is in working with customers to develop innovative, integrated solutions. Minco's custom solutions integrate heating, cooling, sensing, control and packaging - coupled with expert engineering services - to deliver optimum performance and value.

Minco's experienced engineering team will work to develop a design tightly aligned with the customer's requirements. With world-class engineering skills and process, Minco can assist in design, simulation, testing, and even comprehensive project management to provide greater flexibility for the customer.

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