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Each Minco temperature sensor is built to reduce your total cost of ownership through efficient design and easy installation. We manufacture a variety of resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) thermocouples and thermistors in thousands of different packages like probes, averaging sensors, stator winding detectors, HVAC/R sensors and more.

Assemblies   Probes
Accurate, rugged and easy to install
Fast time response and durable for challenging applications
Accessories   Miniatures
A wide variety of complementary products to simplify ordering and installation
The industry standard for bearing termperature monitoring and space-challenged applications
stator sensors   thermal ribbons
Stator Sensors
Averaging element designs detect hot spots in motor/generator windings
  Thermal Ribbons
Thin, flexible non-invasive RTDs and thermocouples
elements    hvac sensors
Rugged temperature sensing elements for high temperatures and tight spaces
  HVAC/R Sensors
Temperature and humidity products for building automation systems
Temperature + Humidity
Advanced products for critical environments
Transmitters, controllers, indicators and alarms for precise monitoring and control

Sensors and Instruments Product Guide

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