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For decades, customers have depended on us for a broad range of reliable components for the aerospace market. Minco began designing and manufacturing temperature sensors for aerospace guidance systems over 50 years ago. We pioneered the development of Thermofoil heaters – now a standard component in modern instrumentation. Minco continues to build highly reliable and rugged components that survive the harshest conditions and still work when you need them to – whether it is every two seconds or once every two years.

Minco is uniquely qualified to meet custom industry demands for lighter, faster and smaller products. We’ve leveraged decades of design experience, state-of-the-art technology and proprietary manufacturing capabilities to build components using materials ideally suited to the temperature range, mounting requirements and space restrictions of your application. Minco’s custom capabilities can improve product life-time, reliability and even reduce costs.

Application Examples

Commercial and Defense Avionic Systems

  • Flex circuits reduce weight through more efficient use of space in aircraft engine indicators.
  • Thermal Ribbon RTD sensor monitors the temperature of a heated windshield.
  • Heaters warm LCD display.
  • Thin-film Thermal-Ribbons and heaters de-ice angle-of attack probes, and sense wing surface temperatures for wing surface de-icing.
  • Temperature sensors in hydraulic lines monitor fluid temperatures to prevent overheating.
  • High current Heaterstat de-ices airspeed sensors.
  • High temperature elements monitor the air intake temperature in high vibration engine conditions.


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