Thermal Solutions

Thermal systems for demanding applications


Thermal Solutions

Minco’s heaters have proven successful in a wide range of industries and critical applications.  From medical imaging to de-icing to LCD screens in sub-zero climates, our flexible heaters have performed with total reliability. 

Minco’s flexible heaters offer precise, rapid, and reliable heat transfer to deliver the highest performance and greatest efficiency for your thermal solution.  Our heaters are easily installed wherever space is tight, even where there’s no room for supporting framework.  A flex heater from Minco provides excellent thermal contact in the area where you need it most.

Thermal Engineering Services

Minco's strength is in working with our customers to develop innovative, integrated solutions that solve thermal management problems. Our thermal solutions integrate heating, cooling, sensing, control and packaging - coupled with our expert thermal engineering services - to deliver optimum performance and value.

Our experienced thermal engineering team will work with you to develop a thermal design tightly aligned with your requirements. With world-class engineering skills and process, we can assist in design, simulation, testing, and even comprehensive project management to provide greater flexibility for your organization. Our thermal engineering expertise sets us apart, and will set you apart.

Integrated Thermal Systems

Minco’s broad development, integration and assembly capabilities make us more than just a flexible heater supplier.  Our capabilities enable optimal functional and packaging efficiency for your thermal system, as well as greater flexibility for your organization.  We offer:

  • Comprehensive development support
  • Seamless integration with temperature sensors, flex circuits, controllers and other electronics
  • Broad based assembly, including the ability to  laminate, vulcanize or clamp the heater assembly to heatsinks

Product Applications and Technologies

Typical applications for Minco heaters include:


Minco continually improves its products, processes, and services to meet or exceed customer requirements and quality objectives.  Please visit our Quality page to learn more about Minco’s commitment.  In addition, the following certifications may apply to our flex heaters products:

UL Cert. - KSOT2.E89693 - Heaters, Specialty - Component

UL Cert. - KSOT8.E89693 - Heaters, Specialty Certified for Canada - Component

Flexible Heaters Design Guide

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