Minco’s Glossary Explains It All

By John Baichtal

There’s no doubt about it, the engineering world is rife with obscure jargon and technical terminology. Even engineers might scratch their heads if it’s a term from outside their specialty. Not only are a lot of these terms simply unfamiliar, sometimes a word means one thing in one industry and something else altogether in a different one. Here’s an example:

Bobbin: A thin, flat form or a small, cylindrical form used to hold wire windings. The bobbin remains part of the final assembly after wire has been wound onto it.

Bobbin--there’s a word that has multiple meanings, but at Minco, it’s used exclusively to talk about wire-wound sensors. To help our customers sort it all out, we created our Minco Glossary, the ultimate guide for speaking our language.

Next time you find yourself puzzling over a Minco term, reach for the glossary!

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