Minco humidity sensors can be found in a wide variety of applications in standard and hazardous locations including HVAC, hospitals, food storage, pharmaceutical, drying equipment, emissions monitoring, and clean rooms. We offer humidity detector assemblies for wall/duct, space, and outside air in a variety of configurations. In addition to being reliable and accurate, they are temperature compensated and designed to increase safety, reduce energy and improve performance. Our humidity sensors are airborne contaminant, chemical and condensation resistant for use in hazardous and highly flammable environments.

Minco humidity transmitters are designed using an advanced microprocessor. Digital signal processing allows these transmitters to precisely match the characteristics of the humidity sensor to a wide range of RH and temperature values in the many applications the product serves. The humidity sensor is composed of an integrated circuit (IC) with a stable polymer element and platinum RTD that is used for temperature compensation.

Humidity assemblies are 2-wire temperature compensated humidity transmitters that feature FM and CFM approval for use in hazardous locations.  Models are available with Explosionproof, Intrinsically Safe, and Non-Incendive protection modes. For more about our products, visit our online catalog.

Humidity Assembly 

Outside Air (OSA) Humidity Sensors are designed with a weather resistant enclosure for outdoor conditions.  Sensor mounts on exterior conduit with a sun shield to provide accurate RH and optional temperature detection. For more about our products, visit our online catalog.

Designed for mounting directly on interior building walls in operating temperatures from -10 to 150°F (-23 to 65°C). For more about our products, visit our online catalog.
Space Space

Rigid humidity probes are compact and light weight for use in air ducts and plenums. The sensor is protected by a sintered stainless steel filter which resists condensation. For more about our products, visit our online catalog.

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