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Helping you find the best flex circuit solution for your application is one of Minco’s specialties. Customers rely on our disciplined approach to identify and reduce risk, minimize cost, and increase reliability, especially when engagement begins early in the design cycle.

Think of us as an extension of your engineering organization. We begin by listening to you to thoroughly understand your application need and focus on a successful solution based on our extensive flex circuit experience. Our team-based, NPI approach allows for initial upfront design and manufacture capability analysis at the bid stage, followed by comprehensive design and process risk analysis to support fewer product iterations, ensure robustness and minimize delays. Expect nothing other than production quality parts at the prototype stage and quick turn options at every stage in the product cycle.

Such transparency and integrity lets Minco customers have peace of mind. Our reputation for reliable defect-free flex circuits comes from:

  • Statistically validated production processes using DOE methodology to reduce variation quality systems that support high reliability applications
  • An active supply chain management that addresses demand fluctuations and cost targets
  • Lean principles implemented throughout the design and manufacturing processes
 Description Rigid Flex
Multilayer, Dbl Layer
& Single Layer
 Min. drilled via finished dia. .008" .008" n/a
 Min. laser via formed dia. .003 .003" 75μm
 Min. line and spacing .003"/.003"
.003"/.003" 50μm /50μm
 Min. copper thickness
9 Micron
9 Micron
9 Micron
 Max copper thickness
< 2 oz
< 4oz < 1oz
 Min. pad size for thru-hole vias
Via dia. + .015"
Via dia. + .015"
 Min. pad size for micro vias
N/A Via dia. + .006
Via dia. + .006
 Panel Size
18" by 24"
18" by 24"
18" by 24"
 Thru hole plating aspect ratio
10:1 10:1 4:1
 Blind micro via min. plating aspect ratio
- 1:1 1:1
 Panel plating
yes yes
 Selective plating
yes yes
 Number of layers
2-10 1-8 2-6
 Via fill
Copper filled
Copper filled
Copper filled

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