Single & Double Layer Flex

Single-sided flex printed circuits offer a number of benefits including dynamic flexing ability, which is essential in applications requiring repetitive movement of an interconnected system or sub assemblies. You’ll have a clean, organized system compared to wiring harnesses, and if you want to reduce assembly errors, the single-sided flex is the best solution.

Double-sided flex circuits provide the ability to access circuit traces from both the top and bottom sides of the circuit, which offers greater flexibility in design and functionality. When properly designed and utilized, double-sided flex circuits offer the same level of dynamic, repetitive flexing as a single-sided flex, but with a greater range of application uses due to its ability to carry more complex circuit layouts.

Single and Double layer


Single Layer Flex Benefits

  • Straightforward design simplifies assembly, minimizes interconnect errors, and improves reliability
  • Dynamic flexing withstands rapid, repetitive movements

Double-Layer Flex Benefits

  • Two conductor layers offer wider circuit design parameters
  • Fewer interconnect errors reduce assembly costs
  • Smaller packaging dimensions reduce costs
  • Design and application options enhanced by ability to mount all component types

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