Multi-layer Flex

Multilayer flex technology allows high circuit density connections in applications where one or two conductor layers don’t meet the required circuit packaging requirements. These flex circuits use three or more layers to accommodate a larger number of routed signals and provide increased functionality within a smaller footprint.

Ideal for use in the aerospace and defense industries, multi-layer flex circuits have flexible insulating layers between them, with the outer layer covered or exposed. Multilayer flex also allows for localized areas where stiffeners, pins, connectors, and components may be added.


Multi-layer Flex Benefits

  • Multilayer high circuit density system can handle multiple conductive layers to save space
  • Layers range from one to eight in the flex area and up to 10 layers in the plated through hole areas
  • Flexible design parameters mean that circuits can accommodate EMI shielding layers, through-hole assembly, controlled impedance and other customer-specified electrical requirements
  • Incorporating unbonded areas will increase flexibility in bend regions
  • Ideal for the aerospace and defense markets

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