Electronic warfare systems require evermore advanced, robust technologies to meet demanding military interconnections. Minco engineers understand this. Our engineered solutions help protect and improve high-speed, digital systems from sensors and mission processors to communications, displays and interfaces—always with lightweight, rugged and reliable design.

Challenge: Lightweight, balanced and rugged Helmet Mounted Displays that perform with precision

Solution: Fine-line flex circuits provide high density interconnections. Thin, lightweight flex circuits replaced headboards populated with components to provide three-dimensional interconnections in hand-held radios and GPS devices.

Challenge: Rugged portable electronic equipment

Solution: Thermofoil heaters and integrated heater/temperature sensor/controller warm LCD screens and hard disk drive for cold weather operation. Thermal-Clear heater and integral temperature sensor maintains ambient temperature on LCD screens for optimal performance.

Challenge: Precise, reliable missile systems and guided munitions

Solution: Flex circuits provide high current electrical connection in tight spaces between power supply and electrical components. Flex circuits provide critical switching of the safe-arm electromechanical fuse system. Thermofoil heater warms actuator servo-valves in launch platforms.

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