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5. What is the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) for Minco heater elements?

All-Polyimide, Silicone Rubber and Mica heaters offered on utilize heater elements that are low TCR. So the heater resistances stay constant even as temperature changes. A typical TCR value for these heaters is 0.0005Ω/ Ω/&&#deg;C. If required, Minco does have the ability to etch on high TCR foils such as nickel or nickel-iron. Please Contact Us at if you require high-TCR foils (e.g. 0.00519Ω/ Ω/&&#deg;C) to inquire about a custom solution.

All Thermal Clear transparent heaters in use high TCR wire. The heaters are calibrated at room temperature. The heater resistance will change as temperature changes in a positive coeffienient manner.

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