Minco Highlights Technology Focus with New PicoFlex Laser

Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 2017—Minco, a worldwide provider of industrial temperature sensors, heaters, and control systems, announces the acquisition of a Schmoll PicoFlex Laser. Since Minco’s founding over 60 years ago, the company has committed to continuous quality improvement, not only in terms of processes and materials, but also when it comes to the tools the company uses. Minco’s Automation Engineering department constantly builds new machines, modifies existing ones, and upgrades the company’s technology to keep abreast of industry standards. Currently undergoing a multi-week qualification is Minco’s latest acquisition, a Schmoll PicoFlex laser. This fast, powerful, and highly controllable tool offers Minco an increased ability to make very precise and consistent cuts. Just a few years ago, picosecond lasers were only used in laboratory applications, but Minco adopted this technology as soon as it was proven to be stable and reliable in industrial applications.

The new laser cuts and drill materials very quickly, and without the charring one would expect with traditional UV lasers. Minco can reduce the laser’s pulse frequency to effectively “cool down” a cut, resulting in a significant reduction in charring and melting of the substrate, much reduced delamination, and no foil wrinkling. Another benefit of the machine’s cutting capabilities is an improved process for trimming the ends of ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connectors, facilitating their inclusion in flex projects without the worry of carbon traces being left behind and causing shorts. The increased ability to drill clean vias also improves Minco’s ability to drill blind and buried vias in rigid material

Minco’s continuing commitment to staying abreast of technological advancements benefits the company’s customers. In the case of the new Schmoll PicoFlex, it helps Minco cut faster, more consistently, and cleaner than ever before. Contact Minco to learn how this tool can help with your next project.

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