Minco Products Inc. Introduces The TI242 Handheld Thermometer

Minneapolis, March 2020—Minco Products Inc. introduces the TI242 Handheld Thermometer, a feature-rich indicator designed for engineers who interact with and monitor temperature sensors.

The TI242’s industry-leading feature set includes the ability to read from a wide variety of temperature sensors, to display those readings, and log the result. It features a color backlit display and reads both RTDs and Thermocouples. It also features superior graphing and datalogging capabilities, as well as a variety of math functions provide the opportunity for advanced analysis directly on the device or in the companion iPhone app. Its 100-hour battery life stands out amongst competing products that feature a color screen.

The TI242 finds a lot of use in an engineering environment. HVAC engineers and facilities personnel look to the TI242 for analysis of thermal management systems. Not only is the tool convenient for quick tests, the thermometer can be left in place and monitored over time with the built-in datalogging feature, and over the convenient iOS app from the engineer’s desk. The thermometer and app also can be set to alert the user when the temperature reaches a certain threshold.

The TI242 can be used with standard accuracy sensors for many applications but when additional accuracy is required, the TI242 can achieve superior results thanks to Minco’s expertise with Match Calibrated RTDs. Each RTD’s unique Callendar-Van Dusen coefficients can be entered into the thermometer to calibrate it, yielding accuracies of better than +/- 0.1 degree Celsius. The handheld thermometer serves as a useful tool for any engineer who needs to test the accuracy of sensors, to monitor an ongoing project, or to perform validation and verification of temperatures in test and processing equipment.

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