Minco Introduces SmartHeat SLT Thin-Film Heaters

Minneapolis, MN, 3 April 2017

SLT Heaters

Minneapolis, MN, 3 April 2017 - Minco Products, Inc., a global provider of thermal solutions, flex circuits, and temperature sensing and control solutions for a broad range of applications that require high readability, announces the launch of SmartHeat SLT (Self-Limiting Technology) line of heaters.

Minco’s SmartHeat SLT heaters offer a smart alternative to traditional heaters and temperature control devices in Aerospace, Defense, and Medical applications, providing self-limiting control at prescribed temperatures as well as self-tuning capability in dynamic environments. 

The control mechanism is inherent to the polymer inner-lay material at every point across the heater's surface. At the specified temperature control point, the resistance increases exponentially to prevent overheating and promote thermal uniformity. This simplifies the end-use device’s design, condenses the product design and developmental cycle, and reduces total system cost. SmartHeat SLT heaters are thin, flexible, and specially engineered to eliminate the risk of overheating, which can damage electro-optical components, handheld electronic displays and fluid warming devices.

Minco’s market-leading engineering and production capabilities result in lightweight designs and optimized performance. Minco has more than 40 years’ experience performing thermal simulation and lab testing in industries and applications where reliability and safety is critical.

About Minco

Minco Products, Inc., delivers comprehensive engineered solutions for Medical, Defense, Aerospace, Power Generation, and other high-reliability applications. Minco couples advanced product technologies, expert design and engineering capabilities, and a clear understanding of customer requirements to deliver unmatched quality, reliability, and performance in a variety of applications all around the world. For more information, visit

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