Minco Introduces CT298 AC HeaterStat for Precision Heat Control

Minneapolis, MN, April 2017 – Minco, a worldwide provider of industrial temperature control systems introduces the CT298 AC HeaterStat. Like the company’s highly regarded DC HeaterStat, the CT298 AC HeaterStat provides control of a heater without the need for a separate sensor. It can support loads of up to 2400 watts, approximately 10 times the capacity of the DC model. This higher capacity makes it suitable for a range of applications including industrial, semiconductor, and telecommunications. Eliminating the sensor simplifies any heater application and significantly reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), saving both money and space while providing accurate, user-configurable temperature control. And eliminating the sensor reduces the number of wires and connections that are needed to control and monitor the heater.

In place of a sensor, the CT298 AC HeaterStat works with a Minco high-TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) heater to sense the heater temperature. Resistance of the etched-foil heater varies directly with temperature, and by monitoring that resistance, the device determines whether to turn off or apply power to the heater. The controller scans heater resistance by pulsing at user-defined intervals from 1 to 10 seconds. Using an internal solid-state relay, it can turn power to the heater on or off within 10 milliseconds of a reading. The CT298 AC HeaterStat supports zero-cross switching of the AC voltage, which limits electromagnetic emissions. Built-in fault detection shuts down the system to prevent further damage in the event of a heater or connection fault.

New system eliminates the need for a sensor and supports up to 2400 watts of power.

The system’s solid-state electronics make it both more durable and more accurate than a mechanical thermostat. A USB port and Windows software application allow the user to monitor controller data in real time and to easily set the controller’s parameters including target temperature, heater type, and temperature limits. The system comes in a durable, compact aluminum enclosure with mounting flanges, and a heater connection that requires just two wires.

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