Minco Equipped for Rapid Prototyping of Flex and Rigid Flex Circuits

Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2017 - Minco, a leading designer and manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards, temperature sensors and heaters is now equipped to deliver prototypes of flex and rigid flex circuits faster than ever before. And in today’s highly competitive, fast-moving markets, rapid prototyping can help speed products to market and maximize returns. 

The addition and qualification of the Heller 1809 MKIII SMT reflow oven helps Minco speed full electronics assembly of populated flex and rigid flex circuits. Designed for tight process control, the 1809 oven supports high mix /high volume throughput and improved lead-free processing. Its 9-zone, precise temperature controls assure process uniformity and helps prevent delamination. 

The 1809 SMT reflow oven features efficient heat transfer from extra high volume, high-velocity, heating modules, allowing heater response of less than one second to temperature changes. The easy and fast setup of the Heller allows custom temperature profiles to support rapid prototyping with improved quality. The system’s flux collection system significantly reduces maintenance time. The Blow Thru Cooling module provides cool rates of >3º C/sec to meet the most demanding lead-free profile requirements. And Advanced 5 thermocouple PCB profiling and process parameter logging capability allow storage of up to 500 temperature recipes and 500 profile graphs.

Along with the Heller oven, Minco uses a MYDATA solder jet printer that helps speed production by eliminating the need for solder stencils while delivering better solder joint quality. The MYDATA printer can place solder into cavities and onto components, followed by fast, high quality solder reflow in the Heller oven.

Minco’s advantage over traditional contract electronics manufacturers is the company’s experience with flex and rigid flex circuits, and the ability to manage and streamline the prototyping process from start to finish.

About Minco

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