Minco Announces Upgraded Hazardous Area Sensor Certifications

Minneapolis, MN, 14 July 2015— Minco, a global provider of temperature sensing and control solutions, thermal, and flex circuit solutions for demanding applications, announced today the wide range of upgraded hazardous area sensor certifications. The focus of the upgrade is to bolster Minco’s current certifications as well as add certifications in new product areas.

Sensors and instrumentation often require hazardous area certifications to assure users have the proper circuitry for their system and the hazardous nature of their environment. National and International hazardous area certifications are administered by a variety of accredited laboratories across the globe. These laboratories evaluate, test and certify products for use in hazardous environments where explosive or combustible material is or may be present.

The new and upgraded certifications include:

  • Temperature Sensor Assemblies: ATEX and IECEx Ex e, d; also, FM and CSA Ex d options
  • Miniature Temperature Sensors: ATEX and IECEx Ex ia, e, nA; plus SIL2 and TR CU versions
  • Cable Seal Fittings and Unions: ATEX, IECEx Ex e, d

These upgraded certifications add to Minco’s existing portfolio, which includes:

  • Flexible Thermal-Ribbon Sensors: ATEX and IECEx e approval,
  • Stator Slot Temperature Sensors: ATEX and IECEx Ex e, ia; as well as CSA Ex e certification,
  • Probe Temperature Sensors: ATEX and IECEx Ex e, ia
  • Temperature Transmitters: ATEX and IECEx ia along with FM IS options

Products with hazardous area certifications are available for purchase on Minco’s new website, In addition, Minco offers custom engineered solutions from initial problem statement through final product.

About Minco 
Minco delivers comprehensive engineered solutions for oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, medical, defense, and other high-reliability applications. The company couples advanced product technologies, expert design and engineering services, and a clear understanding of customer requirements to provide unmatched quality, reliability and performance in thousands of applications worldwide.

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