Minco Announces HC Series Cartridge Heaters

Minneapolis, MN, 19 August 2015

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Minneapolis, MN, 19 August 2015 — Minco, a global provider of thermal, flex circuit, and temperature sensing and control solutions, announced today the launch of new HC Series Cartridge Heaters. The focus of the HC series cartridge heaters is to provide high wattage output within very small diameter packages.

Minco’s HC series cartridge heaters provide accurate, repeatable and reliable heating for Medical, Aerospace, Semiconductor and Industrial applications. The cartridge heaters deliver a high wattage product without taking up much space, creating the ability to miniaturize your devices.

The HC series cartridge heaters are made with:

  • High Temperature Lead Wires for temperatures up to 550° C.
  • High Impact Ceramic Cap prevents contamination and suitable for high vibration applications. Deep holes in cap prevent fraying of leads when bent.
  • Nickel-Chromium Resistance Wire for maximum heater life, evenly wound for uniform heating.
  • High Purity Magnesium Oxide fill selected for maximum dielectric strength and thermal conductivity highly compacted for maximum heat transfer.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Sheath for oxidation resistance in a wide variety of environments. 316 Stainless steel and Incoloy® also available.
  • TIG Welded End Disc to prevent contamination and moisture absorption.

Minco understands the critical requirements that applications in the Medical, Aerospace, Semiconductor, and Industrial fields need in order to do their job correctly. This is why we work with our customers to ensure that our products meet their requirements for testing and industry certifications.

Cartridge Heaters will be available for purchase on Minco’s ecommerce website, later this year.

About Minco

Minco delivers comprehensive engineered solutions for medical, defense, aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, and other high-reliability applications. The company couples advanced product technologies, expert design and engineering services, and a clear understanding of customer requirements to provide unmatched quality, reliability and performance in thousands of applications worldwide. Additional information can be found at

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