Select a Sensor

Tips for selecting a sensor

Select a Sensor

Minco works diligently to provide the best sensing and instrumentation solutions for your application. We have hundreds of off-the-shelf solutions to meet your immediate requirements, and have also designed thousands of custom sensing packages to seamlessly operate in a wide range of applications.

Minco builds sensors from start to finish ensuring exceptional product quality. As a company, we strive for cost-effective solutions through efficient design and easy installation. This allows you to save time and money without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.

How To Get Started

Understand and define your application requirements: Many factors should be a part of the sensor system design process. The factors listed below can help you define the sensing requirements for your application.

Step One:
Define the typical and extremes of these environmental conditions; Minimum and maximum temperatures, pressure,  humidity, shock, vibration, and flow rate.

Also ask:
What is the sensed medium (a surface or immersed in solid, liquid or gas)?
Is the medium chemically reactive (corrosive) or hazardous (explosive)?
Is there high electromagnetic interference potential from power switching, rectification, or radio waves?

Finally, define the significance of these performance specifications in your application?

Sensing accuracy at a calibration point and/or over a temperature span
Sensor time constant
Insulation resistance

Step Two:
Determine which sensing technology options meet your requirements
Several potential sensing technologies may meet the essential environmental and performance specifications of your application. This section of the Sensors and Instruments Solutions Guide will provide you with a basic understanding of Minco’s sensing and instrumentation technology. For more information go to

Step Three:
Compare sensor construction alternatives for best fit and ease of use
While a sensing technology may appear to be capable of meeting the requirements of your application, the actual sensor packaging and construction must be evaluated in order to select the optimal cost/performance balance from the available technology options.
Regardless of which sensing technology you consider, the packaging of the sensor introduces some level of specification compromise in terms of cost, performance or durability. Use this guide to compare Minco’s various sensor constructions and instrumentation solutions to find the best fit for your application.

Step Four:
Obtain parts for testing as prototypes in your application
Minco has a wide selection of standard sensor components that can often be used for prototype testing and production systems. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your application with you. We can help ensure that the right sensor construction is selected for your application as well as any accessory components. Often times, we are able to offer recommendations for customization to improve performance and/or lower installed cost.

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