Thermal Ribbons

Thin, flexible RTDs and thermocouples offer easy, non-invasive installation

Thermal Ribbons

Install these compact Thermal-Ribbon sensors anywhere for accurate temperature sensing and fast response. Thin, flexible RTDs and thermocouples offer easy, non-invasive installation.

Product Specifications

  • Fast time response to track rapidly changing conditions
  • Thin, flexible, non-invasive RTDs and thermocouples
  • Wide temperature range from -200 to 260˚C (-328 to 500˚F)
  • Element options include platinum, nickel-iron, copper, balco
  • RoHS compliant
  • Polyimide, silicone rubber, Mylar insulation
  • Waterproof constructions for continuous immersion

More Information

Rugged construction for non-invasive installation
Thin-film elements for point sensing and fast response

Wire wound elements in a single plane for faster time response
  Strip Sensing Thermal-Ribbons
Wire wound flexible design for flat or round surfaces

Thermistor or Thermocouple
Point sensing applications using a variety of industry standard elements

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