Temperature + Humidity

Combination sensors for challenging applications

Temperature + Humidity

Minco temperature + humidity assemblies are designed using an advanced microprocessor. Digital signal processing allows these transmitters to precisely match the characteristics of the humidity sensor to a wide range of RH and temperature values found in the many applications the product serves. The humidity sensor is comprised of an integrated circuit (IC) with a stable polymer element and platinum RTD that is used for temperature compensation. This humidity sensor offers outstanding resistance to airborne contaminant and chemicals, and is protected by a sintered stainless steel filter which resists condensation.

Product Specifications

  • Available as explosionproof and intrinsically safe assemblies
  • Wall/Duct/OSA mounting configurations
  • Accuracies of ±1% or ±2% RH
  • Temperature compensated
  • Temperature output option
  • Two-point field calibration
  • NIST traceable calibrations


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