Stator Sensors

Monitor conditions and provide long-term trend data before unexpected alarms occur

Stator Sensors

Insert these thin, laminated stator RTDs in winding slots to detect high temperatures before insulation damage occurs. Stator winding temperature sensors continuously monitor conditions and provide the long term trend data that is necessary for making adjustments before unexpected alarms occur.

    Product Specifications

    • Single and dual element RTDs and thermocouples
    • Element options include 100ohm platinum and other materials
    • Maximum temperature rating of 180˚C (Class H)
    • Increased safety for use in hazardous areas (ATEX Certified)
    • Various dimensions to fit any machine.
    • Dielectric strength up to 8,000 VRMS for use in corona resistance

    More Information

    Increased Safety RTDs
    Thin, laminated RTDs for use in hazardous areas where there may be a presence of flammable gas under normal operating conditions.  ATEX certified for Zone 1, Groups IIA, IIB, and IIC.
      Single Element RTDs
    Flat, laminated “stick” fits in slots between stator windings and prevent overheating per ANSI standards for synchronous motors.
    Dual Element RTDs
    Dual elements for extra back-up protection or multi-controller sensing with different element type pairing.
      Corona Resistant RTDs
    High voltage corona resistance for variable speed drives in AC motors.

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