Real time response to track rapidly changing conditions


Minco RTD sensor probes and thermocouple probes are offered in a variety of standard styles to fit a wide range of applications. Minco also has decades of experience designing and manufacturing custom probes for thousands of applications.

Product Specifications

  • Single and dual element RTDs thermocouples
  • Element options include 100ohm platinum and other materials
  • Maximum temperature rating of 260°C  or 550°C
  • Tip sensitive (copper) or all stainless steel designs
  • Direct immersion compatible with integral fitting or thermowell
  • Spring loaded holders and thermowells
  • Encapsulated for chemical resistance in harsh environments

More Information

Tip Sensitive
Provide higher accuracy for use in bearings, thermowells, and other applications
  Fast Response
Rugged design for pressure or corrosive fluids with time constant comparable to copper-tipped probes

Bayonet Mount Tip Sensitive
Easy and inexpensive spring loaded installation
  Electrically Isolated
Electrically isolated sensing tip for “hot” bearings

High Temperature
Steam line, exhaust, or other applications up to 600˚C
  Mineral Insulated
Magnesium Oxide protection against high shock and vibration applications

Integrated Probes
Convenient “plug” connectors, enclosed transmitter probes, and conductivity level sensors.

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