Easy, straight-forward installation for improved system accuracy, even over long distances

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Minco Launches New Multi-Functional Temperature Controller

Minco eUpdate

Featured in the latest Minco eUpdate, the New CT425 Temperature Controller features three user-configurable outputs, two programmable inputs, and communication via USB. 

CT425 Technical Specifications


Minco instruments are designed and manufactured to work with and complement our sensors and flexible heaters. Minco instruments are made for easy and straight forward installation, and can be specially calibrated for improved system accuracy, even over long distances.

Product Specifications

Transmitter outputs   Transmitters that are  
  • 4-20 mA
  • 1-5 VDC
  • Hart
  • Fieldbus
  • Profibus
  • Fixed range
  • Field rangeable
  • Isolated
  • Match calibrated to individual RTDs
Controllers, indicators and alarms for precise monitoring and control

More Information:

RTD and Thermocouple Transmitters

Transmitters allow long wire/cable runs without loss of accuracy

  Isolated transmitters
600 VRMS isolation between input and output

Field rangeable transmitters
Allow stocking of one transmitter for a variety of temperature ranges
  Programmable transmitters
RTD or TC input with temperature range programmed using a PC

HART® transmitters
Programmable transmitter with HART communication
  High accuracy calibration, NIST traceability
Increased system accuracy


Loop-powered indicators
Display ranges are filed rangeable

  3- and 12-channel monitor alarms
Mix and match RTD and thermocouple inputs
    Temperature Controllers
    On-off, proportional and PID options

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