HVAC/R Sensors

High reliability temperature and humidity sensors and transmitters compatible with your building automation system


Minco offers single-source convenience for HVAC/R temperature and humidity sensing products. Our HVAC/R assemblies are made for easy installation, high reliability, and compatibility with most building automation systems.

hvacProduct Specifications

  • Durable, rugged temperature and humidity sensors for Building Automation applications
  • Element options include 100 & 1000 ohm platinum, nickel-iron and thermistors
  • Maximum temperature rating of 135˚C (275˚F)
  • Moisture resistant
  • Commonly paired with Minco transmitters

More Information

Chill-Out™ Combination
Solid-state, low-temperature cut-out and an averaging resistance combined in one package
Continuous element for true average sensing across ducts and plenums

Duct and Outside Air
Point-sensing elements for air-streams in ducts and plenums
  Room Air
Standard and explosion-proof HVAC/R installations for room air sensing

Flexible Pipe Sensors
Non-intrusive pipe sensing solutions
  Humidity Assembly
Humidity sensor and transmitters for building environment control


Thermal Vial
Accurate sensing of contents within refrigerators, laboratories, blood blanks, etc.

  Refrigeration and Freezer
Weatherproof system for cold storage facilities
Fluid Immersion
Direct installation into fluid streams and probe removal without breaking the seal
  Elements and Probes
All-purpose sensors feature aluminum case for fast response
Temptran™ Transmitters
4 to 20 mA transmitters for signal conversion

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